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not like most present guides of the King James Bible, this OSNOVA Bible variation contains the entire textual content that the Translators integrated within the first KJV version equivalent to the commitment to King James I, Translators' Preface, Translators' notes and Apocrypha (books of the Greek Septuagint that the Protestants don't deliberate to join the Canon). This version additionally comprises the preface through John Witherspoon to the 1791 Isaac Collins' Bible released in America.

Features of this model of the KJV Bible that has an analogous textual content as your paper copy:

- Direct Verse bounce and Direct Verse bounce 2, innovative new easy methods to open the precise verse you would like in mere seconds (see below)
- alternative routes to navigate among books and chapters: (i) utilizing a hyperlinked desk of contents; and (ii) urgent the joystick correct or left to maneuver among books and chapters of the Bible. when you examine all 4 navigation tools, it is possible for you to to open any verse on your Kindle Bible as quickly as (or even swifter than) on your paper copy
- The textual content of this digital version is painstakingly demonstrated to be actual to the KJV paper variations (no typos, no OCR errors)
- safely formatted (i.e., actual formatting of the unique KJV - italics, small caps in LORD, etc.)
- unique textual content, notes, booklet titles rigorously preserved (for instance, see the notes on the finish of the Paul's epistles, that are present in the unique KJV, examine playstation . 119)
- effortless to figure out the place you're within the Bible
- Jesus’ phrases are in bold
- the textual content is damaged into paragraphs for unity of the text
- as any Kindle ebook, the KJV Bible is searchable; notwithstanding, for those who first set up the dossier please look ahead to the Kindle to index the full Bible (most of the time approximately 10 mins; even though, occasionally as much as 8-10 hours). The dossier is huge and it takes decades to index. as a result, the DVJ navigation strategy could be on hand purely after the publication has been indexed

Direct Verse bounce: new navigation strategy utilizing the hunt functionality:

In this model, all you must do is sort an abbreviated booklet identify (see the desk of contents for the entire list), then interval, then bankruptcy quantity, interval back, after which verse quantity and eventually press "enter" two times (you needn't look ahead to the Kindle to show the quest effects) and you'll be that exact verse in seconds. should you simply have to open the 1st verse of any bankruptcy then the verse quantity isn't beneficial. remember classes and use merely the abbreviations which are indexed within the desk of contents.

For instance, if you want to decide on bankruptcy three of Genesis, you would:
1. style the traditional abbreviation for Genesis (see the desk of contents for an entire list), then interval, and eventually quantity "3" in different phrases: ge.3
2. press "enter" two times and also you are there.

For John 3:16, you style "jn.3.16" and press two times on "enter".

Note that you can placed the bankruptcy quantity even for books that experience just one bankruptcy. for instance, the Epistle from Jude verse five may translate to "jud.1.5" and a double click.

Direct Verse leap 2: replacement solution to leap to any verse:

While analyzing your OSNOVA Bible, press "Menu", then choose "Index" and sort a similar DVJ abbreviation as defined above for the passage you will want with the one distinction that rather than classes use areas (for instance "jn three 16").

NOTE: Many positive aspects of this ebook won't paintings on Kindle 1, software program Kindles reminiscent of Kindles for notebook, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android. This version isn't TTS(text-to-speech)-friendly as a result means TTS works at the Kindle.

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